• Frequently Asked Questions​

    See below for answers to our most common questions.

  • What kind of property maintenance is required for our neighborhood?

    Participation by everyone in maintaining their properties is vitally important for the association to look it's very best. Below are some recommended guidelines for maintaining your property:

    • Mow your lawn once a week 
    • Trim around trees, fences, and landscaping beds at least every other week to maintain a neat appearance.
    • Maintain landscape beds in a weed-free condition.
    • Edge your sidewalks and driveway at least once per year.
    • Store trashcans out of sight (in your garage or on the side/back of your house)
    • Paint your mailbox at least every other year.
    • Run an irrigation system as needed to maintain the lawn in a green condition.
    • Apply fertilizer as needed to keep weeds out of the lawn and promote healthy grass, we recommend applying at minimum two times per year. 
    • Trim trees and bushes as needed to keep them from being overgrown
    • Powerwash house siding to remove dirt and mold as needed. 
    • Seal blacktop driveways to prevent fading and cracks from developing. 

    Are we allowed to park on the streets in our neighborhood?

    Yes, but be courteous to your neighbors and avoid parking in front of other properties when possible. Street parking should be in the direction of traffic (not against). Do not block access to private driveways and avoid parking directly across the street from another street parked car to reduce congestion and the possibility of an accident.

    During the winter it's best to avoid parking on the street when snowstorms are expected. This makes it easier for the city plows to clear the roads and reduces the risk of damage to your vehicle.


    Also, avoid parking near intersections and stop signs. Per city ordinance 351.03, it is illegal to park within 30 feet of, and upon approach to stop signs, in our neighborhood. Violations will be reported to the Sylvania Police Department. We want to ensure the continued safety of all pedestrians and vehicles traveling our streets.

    Am I allowed to display a sign in my front yard?

    Yes, as long as it meets the following requirements set forth by the ACC:

    • Location: Yard signs cannot be located on city-owned boulevards nor on HOA property; including all islands and common area. 
    • Quantity: Multiple yard signs of the same type (i.e. candidates/levies/issues) are prohibited. 
    • Size: Yard sign surface area should not be larger than 30in wide by 30in high.
    • Time Limit: Yard signs must not be displayed for more than 8 weeks (i.e. for an election held the first week of November, a yard sign may start being displayed during the first week of September)
    • All hand-made signs must be approved by the ACC committee.

    If you are unsure whether or not your sign meets the requirements above, please contact us for guidance.

    Enforcement: What is a lien?

    A lien is a claim on a residential or commercial property for certain legal obligations of the owner. These obligations can vary, from unpaid charges of HOA dues to not maintaining property according to the bylaws or not applying for an ACC application for any changes to the outside of your home. A valid lien must be satisfied either by full payment of the obligation or by satisfaction when the property is sold. A lien is expensive, it costs the HOA to file a lien...a lien continues to accumulate interest until it is paid and will cost the homeowner to release a lien. In addition, a lien will affect the value of your property. If you have a potential lien looming, please contact the trustees and come to an agreement to avoid a big headache to everyone.

    Are storage buildings and sheds allowed in our neighborhood?

    No detached storage buildings, sheds or like buildings shall be permitted on any building lot.

    I'm planning to reneovate the exterior of my property, do I need to obtain approval from the ACC?

    Yes, all renovations to the exterior of your property, including changing paint colors, must be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee for its review and approval prior to proceeding.

    You can find the ACC Request form here. Please complete the ACC Request form and send it to sylvanlakeshoa@gmail.com for review. You'll need to allow a minimum of 2 weeks for review so please plan appropriately.